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Building valuation starts with a great
strategic foundation.

Are You Having the Right Conversations?  

Aligning everyone around the firm’s strategic vision, focus, and execution is critical. 

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With lower mid-market companies, we get very clear about what success looks like, where they will play, how they will win, and what they need to do to get it done.  Ready to move from an opportunistic to strategic growth mindset?


Working with management teams, we: 

  • Cut through the noise of competing priorities, market ambiguities, and different ideas 

  • Integrate actionable market and customer intel 

  • Clarify strategic vision, goals, priorities, and next steps 

  • Align the board and management around what matters most 

  • Build the management team’s strategic acumen and effectiveness 

  • Provide clear execution priorities, actions, and accountability – what & who is needed, why & when

Get Clear - Get Focused - Get Aligned - Get Going
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CEOs of lower mid-market B2B firms who want...

  • To double or triple their business in the next 3 to 5 years 

  • A growth strategy that has clear vision and goals, focuses on what matters most, aligns their team, and is ready to execute

  • Confidence they are working on the right initiatives to maximize growth

  • Integrate market and customer intel 

  • Upgrade their team's strategic acumen in decision-making and execution 

  •  Convert sound strategy into sustainable competitive advantage             

Our clients harness the strategic power that comes from knowing what success looks like, where to focus, how to win, and what they need to do.  

Then … they execute, execute, execute! 


Growing companies is challenging! Strategic clarity, focus, and alignment are critical.

Strategic clarity and focus on the right initiatives are key to growing more quicky, and sustainably.  Running an operation is demanding; there is no time for wasted effort on misaligned or misguided priorities.


Our clients want to understand their situation, consider the full scope of options, be rigorous in their thinking, and intentional about their strategic decisions.  They like how we leverage their team’s experience and respect their time as we enable them to: 


  • Build a clear vision - and path to achieve it 

  • Choose the right growth priorities – and drop others 

  • Foster alignment and accountability -- with execution roadmaps and action plans that specify what needs to be done, by whom, and by when

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Loch McCable

Loch McCabe

What We Bring

Passionate about the power of better strategy, we:

  • Want all companies to experience better strategies – well executed – generating much better outcomes

  • Live our core values -- to collaborate, get better and better, focus on what matters most, help each other thrive, and live the journey – with ourselves and those we work with

  • Understand the demands and challenges faced by lower midmarket teams; but we appreciate their potential to accelerate growth

Amy Cottrell

Amy Cottrell

Merv Carse

Merv Carse

We become strategic difference makers as we integrate: 

  • Decades of experience helping companies grow 

  • Interactive strategic planning approach and decision-making methods 

  • Independent customer insights and market analysis, and  

  • Ongoing strategy execution support 

"Shephered Advisors helped
The Amlon Group undergo a
remarkable transfomation."

Mark Wayne, CEO, The Amlon Group


Michael Holzworth

Michael Holzworth

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