Meet the team

Loch McCabe | Founder & CEO

Founding Shepherd Advisors in 2000, Loch focuses on methodical research, sound growth strategy development, and building robust foundations for successful and sustainable growth. Loch has a knack for understanding stories, recognizing opportunities, and developing pathways that allow clients to move forward with clarity and confidence. He augments his instincts and enthusiasm with proven methodologies, analysis, due diligence, and process facilitation that fosters clearer thinking and action.

Michael Holzworth | Advisor

Mike Holzworth is an experienced business leader grounded in the science and the art of increasing marketing and sales effectiveness.  He has led branded sales growth at Fortune 100 companies, engineered two turnarounds, and has led revenue growth at small businesses by driving sales and marketing performance with tight resources. Holding a progression of sales, brand and top executive positions in his career, Mike has proven skills in building teams that create and execute strategic vision within lean organizations.  His specialities also include sales management, direct sales, marketing, customer service, and operational improvement.

Merv Carse | Advisor

Merv brings more than 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur taking industry-leading manufacturing and product technologies from the lab to the marketplace. Simply put, Merv loves to commercialize interesting innovations.  He focuses on making commercialization happen, and works equally well with OEMs, suppliers, channels and startups. His education includes earning a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland (where he is originally from.) and advanced business and leadership training at INSEAD and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.   

Ed Holinski | Advisor

Ed is a business and transformation leader who helps organizations accelerate and sustain growth. He specializes in growth strategy clarification, leadership development and culture change. As a transformation consultant who works across numerous industries, Ed uses organization development as a growth lever. He is purpose driven and gets great gratification from growing organizations and people simultaneously.

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