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The Right Strategy - Well Executed - Makes All The Difference

Our Work

Having the right strategy is key for our clients. They leverage strategy to accelerate growth.

Our integrated Shepherd Suite empowers CEOs and their teams to methodically, rigorously, and efficiently make challenging, strategic decisions. They become clear about what success looks like, where to focus, how to win and what they need to get it done.

Our Suite includes:

  • GAMEPlan   

  • GAMEplay

  • Voice of Customer Intel        

  • Growth Machine

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GAMEPlan (Growth Acceleration Model

and Execution) is a core proprietary process

used to focus on the right growth initiatives and understand what market's need for successful execution.


Teams use GAMEPlan to clarify what success looks like, determine priorities and focus, improve how to win, and lay out specific actions

to get it done.


GAMEPlans six steps moves the team progressively through key strategic decisions that the team understands, agrees to, and owns.


Our engagements are collaborative, interactive, and efficient with the team's time.


Strategies are ultimately only as good as their execution, which takes coordinated effort across multiple points. 

When we are asked by our clients to help get their strategy done, our services include:

Strategy Tune Ups Annually, and even quartely, we help our clients stay on pace as we meet and tune up their corporate and go-to-market strategies. 


Growth Machine.  Our proprietary tool and analysis uncovers opportunities for structural improvements that will enhance the execution sucess of growth initiatives


Strategic Initiatives. We help clients execute their strategies by building partnerships, identifying leads, uncovering new opportunities, and connecting to other resources.

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Voice-of-Customer (VOC) is a potent tool we use to conduct customer discovery, validate market assumptions, pressure test growth options, and uncover emerging growth opportunities.  We use Growth VOC all the time, as a stand-alone service and integrated into GAMEPlan. 

The great intel and insights gained through Growth VOC  significantly upgrades the quality of a team’s strategic thinking. 


Clients to move from “anecdotes to analysis", based on demonstrated patterns rather than ad-hoc market and customer presumptions.


Growth VOC  works because we independently, objectively and confidentially learn about the customer’s journey, value propositions, purchasing criteria, competition, critical success factors, and paths to increasing business.  


And for PE’s in due diligence, our Rapid VOC  produces findings from objective and confidential qualitative interviews of selected customers.  Through these interviews, we validate (or not) a target company’s key assumptions about customers’ perspectives, markets,  competitive differentiation, value propositions, and the business model going forward.


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Every company has a "growth machine" embedded within it. Our unique Growth Machine Assesment  tool and analysis uncovers opportunities for structural improvement to a company's growth machine that will enhance the execution sucess of growth initiatives. 

Every company has 10 core "value functions" that together methodically and progressively create value, convey value to the marketplace, and capture value (or not) by attending six cross-cutting "value drivers"that support or degrade the effectiveness of the firm's growth machine. 

Our Growth Machine Assessment rapidly provides critial insights into the operational  healht of a company's growth machine and creates the basis for key critical strategic and tactical considerations to improve the firm's ability to manage and accelerate growth.

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