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There are many opportunities  but where should we focus?

At times it can be frustrating. The team is not aligned and goes in too many directions – thus, nowhere at all. Time and resources are stretched, how do we make the most of both?


It would boost our confidence to have everyone understand where we're going, and why, and be accountable to each other to get it done! 

We get it.

Let's build a solid growth plan, get everyone on the same page, then EXECUTE

Every Day

We help CEOs and Management Teams confidently make and execute key strategic decisions.

GAMEPlan process gets everyone aligned around:
  • What success looks like

  • Where the firm is going

  • What is prioritized and why

  • What the team needs to do now to make it happen

We help CEOs and Management strategically decide and align around questions such as:
  • Which new markets present the greatest potential and probability of success?

  • What customer profile most values our products giving us the best opportunities?

  • Where would geographic expansion make sense for us?

  • How do we best fit acquisitions into our growth plan?


Merrill Technologies Group

"Shepherd's guidance helped us articulate and execute a strategy for robust growth. They helped us prioritize, focus, and go!" 

Mike Beyer - CFO

Our Aim

The Right Strategy & Growth GAMEPlan - with everyone on board.
When the CEO, the Managment team and the Board are clear about their path and focused on what matters most, growth accelerates.
  • We build a strategic foundation while respecting the time constraints of the team. We know there is a business to run.
We enable PEs to help their portfolio companies become clear and aligned around the most impactful initiatives to grow the business. The end result is a Management team and Board that are focused on executing the things that matter most to drive results.
  • We are often brought in by PEs after acqisition, new management, or when other needs arise for a new - and better - growth strategy.

Teams Working With Us


Empower the team to be more strategic


in their thinking and decision-making, confident in their actions, and passionate for their success.


Clarify and align around strategic vision, goals, priorites


and next steps.


Integrate actionable market and customer intel

using Voice of Customer (VOC) and market research to unvover opportunities and validate key assumptions.


Cut  through the noise


of competing priorities, market ambiguities, and different ideas.


Model how the plan delivers


against the financial goals for the company.



Provide clear execution, priorities, actions, and accountability;

what is needed, why & by when.


Establish a compelling story


about the company's future growth; a stroy critical to focusing the team, attracting new talent, and hitting valuation creation goals.


Align the board and management and rest of team


around what matters most, and what allows the Board to best support the team.


Set up for executional success

by communicating the strategy, peparing to execute, securing resources, and keeping the tea focused one day at a time

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