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Why We Do This

Our passion is helping middle-market business leaders thrive– and strengthen their communities.  Middle market companies are great to work with because we can co-create rapid and sustainable transformation.

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As a team, we:
  • Provoke new, productive conversations

  • Challenge and reframe thinking

  • Develop strategic capabilities

  • Co-create solutions with clients

As individuals we:
  • Help clients get better while improving ourselves

  • Focus on the few things that make a difference

  • Lay the foundation for transformation

Our Objective


Meet the team
Loch McCabe - Light Background.jpg

Loch McCabe


Creates robust foundations for growth through market-centric strategy and research

Michael Holzworth - Light Background.jpg

Michael Holzworth


Improves operations, marketing, and sales by helping teams execute their strategic vision.

Merv Carse - Light Background.jpg

Merv Carse


Commercializes manufacturing and product technologies by building innovation mindsets.

Ed Holinski - Light Background.jpg

Ed Holinski


Resets culture to drive strategies and help leaders conduct transformative conversations.


Our partners

Shepherd Advisors is honored to collaborate with leading associations, economic development organizations, and trusted advisors such as these

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SA Redesign July - Automation Alley.png
SA Redesign July - JAMA.png
SA Redesign July - The Right Place.png
SA Redesign July - MMTC.png
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