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Are You Having the Right Strategic Conversations?

CEOs we work with want a solid game plan for growth.  They want to be strategic and they want their teams working on the right things to best grow the business.

Ready to move from an opportunistic to strategic growth mindset?

Struggling with clarity on the team about “what success looks like?”

Want to make sure that sales, marketing, and operations are all aligned around what to work on and why?

Desire to see accountability that comes from teams knowing what is expected, by whom, when?

Get Clear - Get Focused - Get Aligned - Get Going
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Growing companies is challenging! Focus is critical.

Running an operation is demanding on the team. Challenges come up every day to deliver on your promise to customers. There is no time for wasted effort on misaligned or misguided priorities. Building clarity and focus on the right strategic initiatives is key to growing the business.

Our clients start with many motivations. But, they all want to better understand their situation, to consider the full scope of their options, to get rigorous in their thinking, and to be intentional about their strategic decisions.

Working with Shepherd Advisors will result in: 

  • Alignment around a clear and focused growth game plan

  • Focus on priority growth opportunities - while dropping others

  • Accountability that comes from an action plan outlining expectations on what needs to be done, by whom, when             

In a nutshell, our clients want the superior strategic clarity, focus, alignment and outcomes enabled by better strategic decision-making and execution.

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We work with many types of firms, yet they all want to...

  • Gain confidence they are working on the right initiatives to maximize growth

  • Leverage the experience of their team with a process that is also respectful of their time

  • Integrate market and customer intel into their analysis to integrate a market perspective into the game plan

  • Upgrade their team's strategic acumen in decision making and execution

Our Sweet Spots Are Firms That Are...

  • B2B manufacturers and service companies that sell to manufacturers

  • Mid-market, especially lower mid-market firms ($20-100M in revenue)

  • Engaged in cleantech/energy/mobility

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What We Bring

  • Passion to help good companies and good people thrive  

  • A belief that the Right Strategy - well executed - makes all the difference 

  • A knowledge and understanding of the unique demands and challenges faced by lower mid-market companies

  • Decades of personal corporate experience, helping companies grow   

  • A powerful suite of interactive growth planning/decision-making methods and tools, independent voice-of-customer insights, and ongoing executional support

  • Our commitment to collaborate, listen, get better and better, focus on what matters most, and help you thrive

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