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Like magnets, negative events are often paired with positive reactions

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

It’s easy for negatives like losing a major account or conflict on your team to get you down, slow productivity, and cause frustration.

Fortunately, it’s often all a matter of perspective. Just like a magnet, you can pair negative events with positive reactions. Perhaps a slump in profits is alerting you to a shifting market that could actually create more room to grow. Maybe that awful, frustrating finger-pointing meeting is the sign that the team really needs better problem solving skills, or that you need to be a more effective leader?

Stuff happens. Embracing a curious mindset and asking questions about negative events will naturally lead to generative insights. What's really going on - and why? What are the "lessons learned and wisdoms gained?" Use these insights to “flip” negatives into positives. Do this consistently and your team will convert all kinds of “negative” events into opportunities that build long-term success.


Are their any negatives in mind you'd like to flip into positives? Use our free growth audit to get customized recommendations on how to optimize your business.

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