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The Right Strategy - Well Executed - Makes All The Difference

Strategy can be “bad” for many reasons – fluff, failure to address core challenges, calling its goals a strategy, having objectives that don’t address critical issues. 


Strategy can become “good” as it leverages real strengths, diagnosis and tackles the challenges head on, can be clearly communicated and understood, and can be executed well.


And “good” strategy can become “right” as it aligns a deliberate focus on higher-value opportunities with increasingly potent competitive advantage and executional excellence.

Our Work

Our clients are good companies.  We want them to thrive – so they create a lot more good.


Over the last decade we’ve developed an integrated suite of offerings that company CEOs and executive teams use to make better strategic decisions.  Our core suite offerings are:

  • GAMEPlan   

  • Growth VOC           

  • Growth Machine

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Voice-of-Customer (VOC) is a potent tool our clients use to independently and objectively conduct deeper customer discovery, validate market assumptions, pressure test growth options, and uncover emerging growth opportunities.  Good VOC intel and insight will vastly upgrade the quality of a team’s strategic thinking. 


VOC enables us and our clients to move from “anecdotes to analysis.”  To make decisions not on market and customer presumptions but on demonstrated patterns. We use VOC all the time.


As a stand alone offering or integrated with GAMEPlan, our Strategic VOC work yields a high-confidence customer discovery and validation of key assumptions about markets, customers, and growth opportunities.  


  • Confidential and qualitative customer/prospect 30-minute interviews

  • Findings presented verbally and in writing

  • Completion often in 6-10 weeks


Strategic VOC works because we independently, objectively and confidentially uncover insights and patterns about customer journey, value propositions, purchasing criteria, competition, critical success factors, and paths to significantly increase business.  


For PE’s in due diligence, our Rapid VOC offers a timely and independent probing and validation of a target company’s customers’ perspectives, key market assumptions, competitive differentiation, and value propositions.

  • Up to 10 confidential and qualitative 30-minute interviews of selected customers

  • Findings are presented verbally and in a written report

  • Complete within 3-5 weeks


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GAMEPlan (Growth Acceleration Model and Execution) is a proprietary interactive system that team collaboratively uses to clarifies what success looks like, the highest-priority market opportunities, how the company wins, and what it needs to do to succeed. 


GAMEPlans six modules helps the team progressively design a growth game plan and make key strategy decisions that the team understands, agrees with, and owns.   We apply the GAMEPlan process for both corporate and go-to-market growth strategy work.


Too many good strategies don’t turn out well because, frankly, they are poorly executed.  And this is a waste.


We help companies execute better in a number of ways including:


  • Tuning up strategy execution on an annual and/or quarterly basis as we apply their strategy and our Growth Machine analysis.  Execution can have many failure points.  Our Growth Machine analysis helps uncover what is holding growth back - and target highest-impact initiatives and actions to take next. 


  • Supporting clients in the clean energy and clean tech markets with companion “strategic initiatives” that augment market position and accelerate lead generation.


  • Connecting clients to other firms in our ecosystem that can better address particular opportunities and issues

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