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Building valuation starts with a great foundation

Start engagements with a sound growth plan, get everyone on the same page, and then EXECUTE

Before Investing - Due Diligence

During due diligence, PE's are time-pressured to objectively validate key assumptions and insights about a target's markets and customers. 

Let Rapid VOC be the difference maker. We quickly conduct up to 10 selected qualitative Voice-of-Customer confidential interviews; validating from the customer's perspective key assumptions on market position; competitive differentiation; and value proposition.

More About Rapid VOC
While Invested

Our experienced team leads a GAME Plan process making sure everyone is aligned on the growth priorities to best drive value. The GAME Plan process systematically: 

  • Cuts through the "noise" of competing priorities and brings alignment and clarity to the company's growth vision, goals, and priorities.

  • Integrates Voice of Customer (VOC) data and insights to uncover and validate key assumptions within the plan.

  • Works with the team to model how the plan delivers against financial goals.

  • Provides priorities and accountability for the team through an action plan that clearly outlines what needs to be done by whom, and when.

  • Gets the Board and Management Team on the same page; centering conversations on the things that matter; and allowing the Board to best support the team

  • Exit more quickly and at a higher valuation

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Our Objective
Getting Everyone On The Right GAME Plan

GAME Plan engages the team, but does not monopolize their time. We get that there is a business to run while we establish a strategic foundation for growth. 

As we GAME Plan, the company's team will get aligned; get clear; get focused...and get going! 

And, when it is time to divest, our due-diligence offerings can be invaluable for setting the state to sell more quickly and at a greater valuation.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss further how Shepherd Advisors could help accelerate growth in the value of portfolio companies. Let us know, and we will set up a time to talk. 

Roll-Rite, Inc.

"This project gave us confidence to take bold moves, which we had talked about but had never acted upon."  Brad Templemen - CEO

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