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Building valuation starts with a great foundation

Start engagement with a sound growth plan, get everyone on the same page, and then EXECUTE

Our aim?  The Right growth game plan – with everyone on board

When the CEO, the management team and the Board are clear about their path and focused on what matters most, growth accelerates.
GAMEPlan process is geared to build a strategic foundation while respecting the time constraints of the team. We know they have a business to run.
Typically right after acquisition, we work with management to bring clarity and alignment on the most impactful initiatives to grow the business. The end result is a management team and Board that are focused on executing the things that matter most to drive results.


In Due Diligence

During due diligence, time pressure and concern for confidentiality can make it difficult to validate key assumptions and insights about a company’s markets and customers. 

Our Rapid VOC can be the difference maker. We quickly and discretely conduct ~ 10 selected qualitative Voice-of-Customer interviews; validating from the customer's perspective key assumptions on market position; competitive differentiation; and value proposition.

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Building a Foundation For Strategic Growth 

We integrate our Growth GAMEPlan, Growth VOC (Voice of Customer) and Growth Machine tools to help everyone get aligned on the strategy, priorities and actions to best drive value. This process systematically: 

  • Cuts through the "noise" of competing priorities and brings alignment and clarity to the company's growth vision, goals, and priorities

  • Integrates Voice of Customer (VOC) data and insights to uncover and validate key assumptions within the plan

  • Works with the team to model how the plan delivers against financial goals

  • Provides priorities and accountability for the team through an action plan that clearly outlines what needs to be done by whom, and when

  • Gets the Board and Management Team on the same page; centering conversations on the things that matter; allowing the Board to best support the team


"This project gave us confidence to take bold moves, which we had talked about but had never acted upon."  Brad Templemen - CEO

Roll-Rite, Inc.

Our Objective

Build The Foundation For Growth

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