Navigate Market Uncertainty
Scenario Planning & PIVOT  

Scenario planning is a powerful strategic tool companies use to navigate profound market uncertainties. It does not predict the future.

Scenario planning generates strategies to survive and thrive in multiple futures. We cannot say what the future will be; but with PIVOT you can use scenario planning to envision different futures - and prepare to succeed in each.


Why Scenario Plan with PIVOT?

Scenario planning and PIVOT help provide clarity and confidence to move forward – regardless of what the economy does.  

Move faster

than your competition, through the uncertainty and when things begin to get clearer

Planning discipline

that will serve you well through the crisis and after

meaningful team conversations

regarding the now, the changing environment, the future, and their implications

surfaces options

to leverage your capabilities and capacity differently

deploy limited resources

more effectively during times of great uncertainty

Helps your team psychologically

do meaningful work through
high-anxiety times and situations


Navigating market disruptions through

3 Phases

Which phase are YOU in?

What's in the Toolkit?
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Current State Assessment

Develop a realistic view of your current situation – where you are starting from and of potential futures

  • Demand

  • Supply

  • Business

  • Future

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Scenario Development

Confront uncertainty. Envision how different uncertainties might create different futures, and then develop strategies to stay viable in each

  • Best Case

  • Likely Case

  • Worst Case

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Identify, understand and compare financial implications, needs and limitations of each scenario

  • Baseline and 3 Scenarios

  • P&L and Cash Flow

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Monitor & Act

Use key leading indicator trends to refine 3-6-12 month outlooks and make critical near term decisions.

  • Leading indicators

  • Scenario outlook

  • Near term decisions

  • Questions, issues & uncertainties 

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