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Shepherd Advisors

Shepherd Advisors is a business strategy & market research consulting firm that helps clients grow.  

Clients hire us to help them
  • Identify growth markets,sa_circle_with_color.jpg
  • Strengthen market position,
  • Diversify,
  • Pursue market-driven innovation, and 
  • Leverage, cross-sell and retain customers. 
We help develop & implement strategies grounded in critical business, marketing and sales insights derived from solid market research and analysis. 
What questions are you working with?
• What is our roadmap for growth?  • How can we better compete?  • What will it take to enter new markets?  • How can we find more and better leads?  •  How can we better cross-sell to customers? 
Management uses our approach to build and implement growth strategies, improve marketing and sales, and sharpen their competitive edge. 
Our ability to integrate field and industry research, market data, analytic tools, and experience to uncover insights critical for our clients sets us apart!
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