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Our proprietary process consists of four sequential steps and deliverables. Our commitment is to deliver tangible and actionable results on time and on budget, to collaborate closely and to have open lines of communication throughout our work together.

Sales Growth Assessment

Customer and Market Research

Growth Strategy and Mapping

Mapping Implementation

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At Shepherd Advisors, we believe in the value of specificity. In our case, we use specificity to help our businesses clients build success through customized sales growth solutions.

“This project gave us the confidence to take some bold moves, which we had talked about but had never acted upon.”

About Us

 In business, there are inherent advantages to specificity. Company executives prefer working with advisors who understand the specifics of their markets, customers and opportunities. Over the past 15 years, Shepherd Advisors has honed its expertise by helping businesses build success through fully customized sales growth solutions. We use a proprietary sales growth road mapping process that fuses actionable learnings from both markets and customers. Our solutions are as specific as your business needs. We invite you to learn how we can be of service to you.

Loch McCabe focuses on solid research, sound growth strategy development and building foundations for successful sales growth. He has a knack for understanding stories, recognizing opportunities, developing pathways, and working with clients to grab hold of opportunities, overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence. He backs up his instincts and enthusiasm with proven methodologies, analysis and due diligence that fosters clearer thinking and action. He has led Shepherd’s work with growth companies for more than 15 years.

Fadi Baradihi is a business advisor and certified Business and Executive Coach with decades of business and sales management experience.  Fadibrings a diverse wealth of business experience and acumen, and has enabled hundreds of companies to achieve greater revenue growth through better management practices, organization, leadership and culture, and through improved marketing and sales system design, training, and management.

Chris Theriot is a deep, systematic thinker who brings expansive perspectives, a flow of insights and a passion for positive impact. He has been involved in numerous business growth engagements, formulating strategy and leading efforts for customer discovery and sales growth. Much of his career has centered on accelerating strategic success across a diverse range of private, public and non-profit organizations. Examples include implementation of a for-profit wetland mitigation program that continues to generate new bird habitat and significant revenues for ecological restoration.


Shepherd also maintains a robust network of complementary service providers who contribute on an as-needed basis to help ensure the success of Shepherd clients’ sales growth.


At Shepherd Advisors, we have a proven track record of successful sales growth solutions for a diverse range of businesses in the Midwest. Work with an independent advisor today to develop and implement your sales growth roadmap.

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KTM Industries

Merrill Technologies Group

Lorin Industries

Lake Michigan Mailers

Walker Miller Energy Services

US Ecology

Stewart Industries

Climate Technologies Corporation

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